Atmospheres cover art

1. The Hungry Grass6:12
2. Night of the Cacti6:58
3. Down in the Data Mines5:43
4. The Mystery Sound of Fury Strait6:23
5. Towers of Silence5:33
6. The Ash Monk6:39
7. Landwhales5:37
8. A Night in the Big Room5:51
9. Those Who Haunt the Workhouse5:35

Released November 2019.

Bandcamp player:

Fifty-nine minutes of ambient sound collages that explore the fictional worlds and concepts suggested by the track titles. Recorded using a variety of techniques, instruments, and field recordings. Inspired by the darker works of Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, and The Radiophonic Workshop among others. Ten tracks sequenced into a seamless mix.

All art, text, music is copyright (c) 2019 Joshua M. Blanc.