CYBERSONIC: Music from A Fate Worse Than Death

Cybersonic cover art

Disc 1
1. Somehow They Survived3:09
2. Deep Space3:31
3. A Fate Worse Than Death (Main Theme)2:42
4. Cygnus Alpha2:52
5. Message Pod (Arrival)0:44
6. Cyber Invasion3:28
7. They've Taken The Station3:32
8. Cyber March2:47
9. Stalking The Corridors3:48
10. Moving Through The Ducts3:22
11. Denied Sleep3:12
12. There Is Hope3:43
13. Fate's Shadow3:50
14. Joanna's Theme3:36
Disc 2
15. The Lower Levels3:19
16. The Cold Glare Of Steel4:16
17. Cybermat Attack4:06
18. Airlock4:09
19. Spacewalk3:01
20. Dream Begins2:51
21. Joanna's Theme (Dream Version)0:52
22. Nightmare2:48
23. Terror Stricken0:25
24. Cyber Conversion2:16
25. Theme For Chris / Lifeclock4:07
26. Aftermath3:02
27. Message Pod (Departure)0:54
28. Final Victory3:25
29. A Fate Worse Than Death (End Theme)3:48

Released May 2017.

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The complete soundtrack composed for James Leeper's 'A Fate Worse Than Death' audio drama. A double-album of instrumental music inspired by the work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the 1960's, classic sci-fi movie scores, and innovators in the field of electronic music. Recorded 2011-2013.

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All art, text, music is copyright (c) 2017 Joshua M. Blanc.