Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-2L

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-2L - I bought this at a flea market for an insanely low price. It was quite dusty and a little beat up, but in perfect working order (as far as I can tell without professional test equipment). It's also missing the music-stand, which slots into clips on the top -- not that I care. You can also see that the previous owner put some now-faded marks around the tempo knob in magic marker.

The FR-2L differs only slightly from the more famous model, simply known as the Rhythm Ace. All the classic analog percussion sounds and rhythms are the same. I think the only difference, apart from the obvious shape, are the cancel buttons. On the FR-2L you can cancel the cymbal, claves, and snare; on its predecessor you could cancel a couple more sounds.

Sound-wise, this is similar to the Roland CR-78 and the rhythm units built into old home-organs. In other words, wonderful!

* * *