Novation K-Station

Novation K-Station - One of the new generation of analogue modelling synthesizers (ie, a digital synth that does an amazing job of sounding and performing like an analogue). It can produce sounds similar to the Minimoog of old, as well as modern dance pads, cheesy organs, and bizarre sound effects. It also has an effects processor with delay, reverb, chorus, distortion, EQ, panning, and a vocoder.

It's a very versatile synth, and is my primary instrument. Its MIDI capabilities are extensive; everything from the notes themselves to the filter, effects, and mod-wheels can be recorded as MIDI data and adjusted as desired. This is particularly handy when you need to adjust certain paramaters of a patch without having to overwrite it or save it as a new one. You might, for example, have an arpeggiator set to 120bpm and want to use it on a song that's 140.

* * *