Mr. Distorto

Mr. Distorto - A Casio walkie-talkie (Model KM-170). When I was given this toy by a friend of mine, the aerial had broken off. I reattached it via a length of telephone cord, so that it could be moved close to the speaker to produce feedback. The morse-code button produces a very loud beep, and the talk button was missing so I hot-glued a plastic wall-plug in its place.

- Flexible aerial. Holding it in certain ways can produce all kinds of strange radio-frequency wiggles, bursts of white-noise, etc... It even still picks up signals, as I found out one evening when I was recording and heard someone's CB Radio through it!
- Low wattage electric motor. Wired in backwards, and attached to the aerial pick-up, turning the shaft produces pops and clicks from the speaker.
- LED. This is attached only to the motor, and lights up if you spin it fast enough.

Sound clips:

Feedback spikes Feedback spikes from moving the aerial close to the speaker.
Angry wiggles Wiggly radio interference.
Crackles Crackles produced by the low-watt motor.

* * *