Optidog - Formerly a Happy Meal Aibo, a little robot dog which barks in response to sound (via a piezo buzzer trigger) or in close proximity to another Happy Meal Aibo via a magnetic switch in its nose. I rehoused the circuit in a bizarre-shaped soap-box.

- (Added 03-05-06) 1k "bad battery similator" knob. In effect, I've recreated the Unpredictabox by adding this feature. The original was a 10k pot, which was just too much for the circuit and probably the cause of its downfall.
- Optical resistor (operated by a momentary switch). The amount of light hitting it varies the pitch of the barking sound, making it sound like a songbird or a cricket. The LED (which was already attached) brightens/darkens in response to the sound, and provides a light-source if you use it in the dark.
- Cricket switch. Makes it sound like a cricket, independant of the optical resistor, so by switching between the two you can alternate notes.
- Bypass switch. Bypasses the optical resistor so that pressing both switches triggers the regular barking sound.
- 1/8" line-out jack. For recording the instrument.

This uses the same circuit as the now defunct Unpredictabox.

Sound clips:

Bark (raw) The sound it makes without being messed with.
Cricket switch The mad cricket sound when button #1 is pressed.
Light control The optical resistor at work.
Mix-n-match Pressing all the buttons!
Unpredictabox Mk. II The Unpredictabox is back! Only it's more predictable ;)

* * *