Rhythmic 2

Rhythmic 2 - by Video Technologies (VTech), early 80's. Another keyboard which is quite large and heavy considering its basic functionality. You have chord and rhythm accompaniments, a handful of not-bad sounds, and a couple of effects. It also has aesthetically pleasing volume knobs and a smattering of LEDs, for what they're worth.

Mine has a warped casing, which isn't immediately obvious until you press the keys. They stick somewhat as a result. The finish is also worn off around the edges, revealing whitish plastic beneath the grey paint. Again, this all adds to the character. Another unwanted soul rescued from oblivion.

Neither the arpeggio function nor the tempo-down button worked when I acquired this. A look at the innards revealed flat conductive carbon ribbons where connector wires would otherwise be used. Two turned out to be faulty, so I connected the points with wires as you can see in the picture.

* * *