Rumble Barn

Rumble Barn - Has four animal sounds activated by touchpads. This is quite small, about the size of a compact disc. Fitting all the parts in was tricky but I've had worse times of it.

- Pitch knob. Apparently this is a 10 meg ohm. My multimeter only goes to 2 meg so I can't be sure. It does have a fair range though. Pitch remains stock with the knob turned up, and produces some quite bassy rumbles on the low end.
- Bend knob. This hooks the high end of the pitch-resistor to a leg of the circuit's only transistor. I've put resistors adding up to 400k in the bend (without them the resistance is too low and there's no sound). On their own, they make the toy sound like the batteries are very low. A 500k potentiometer pitches the samples up to the point where they're recognizable but still very warped.
- Mirrored mylar inlay. Purely aesthetic, it covers the touchpad to reflect (groan) the toy's modified status. Shiny shiny.
- Output jack.

Initial tests of the output jack revealed the amazing bass power lying dormant in this toy. Serious subwoofer sweeps & rumbles can be cranked out of this thing. The four buttons can also be pressed in different sequences to create little riffs. This device has the added bonus of a little handle at the top; the player could hang this on a strap or lanyard for instant wearability!

Sound clips:

Deep Bass A deep bass sweep from the pitch knob, with a glitch spike.
Piggy 1 The pig sound being warped.
Piggy 2 As above, but deeper.
Piggy Bend The pig sound through the bend knob.
Horsey The horse being warped, plus I think that's a bit of the cow towards the end.
Rooster There's a little of the stock rooster sound here, which emerges from the muck half-way through.
Buttons 1 Pressing multiple buttons for stuttering warp effects, followed by another deep sweep.
Buttons 2 More button mashing, the electronic equivalent of cruelty to animals (no real ones were harmed!)
Buttons 3 Repeatedly pressing the cow button and warping the pitch.

* * *