Speak & Spell Incantor

Speak & Spell Incantor - I've wanted to do one of these ever since I discovered circuit-bending. I attempted one, and ruined it, as my third or fourth project. This is made to the specifications in Reed Ghazala's `Circuit Bending' book, with one alteration -- the addition of a 2-way loop selector switch.

- 3 switch glitch matrix. Each switch changes the sounds made via the keypad. Instead of "A" for instance, you might get "gwertybeep" or something equally unintelligible.
- Loop trigger-and-hold matrix, with 2-way selector switch. Pressing the momentary trigger initiates a loop in the sound (ullulating robot weirdness/colourful bubbly machine sounds), switching the first toggle holds the loop, while the selector gives you access to a different-sounding loop.
- Ye olde pitch-shift knob. You betcha. Wiring this in actually changed the stock pitch (maybe a semitone), but that's a small price for the great deep robotic voices now available.
- Body contact. For vibrato.
- Reset switch. In case of crashes, which often happen if the pitch knob is turned too low.

Sound clips:

ABC Vibrato A short demo of the vibrato body-contact.
Glitches & Pitch An example of the glitched-out alien-speak and the pitch dial.
Looping & Pitch A loop having its pitch adjusted.

* * *