Talk n' Lights Radio

Talk n' Lights Radio - by V-Tech. This sat around un-bent for a while with low batteries, so it sounded very sick and hilarious.

- Voltage regulator. A simple 1k potentiometer (stepped down to .5 k if my electronic theory is correct), in the positive voltage supply allows you to simulate the effect of drained batteries. It's a little sensitive, so it takes some tweaking to get right.
- Pitch up/down body contacts. To pitch shift this thing properly a 10k potentiometer is needed. I didn't have one at hand, so body contacts it was. They're a lot more interesting anyway.
- Melody step button. The big blue dial thing, when turned, steps through each note of the melody currently selected. I added this push-button switch to do the same thing with a little more accuracy. I didn't test the bend properly, so it doesn't work if you swith over to the animal sound side. Ah well...
- Hyperdrive button. Drives the pitch up and speeds up the melody.
- 1/8" switched output.

Sound clips:

Sick melody One of the melodies on drained batteries.
Sick word It says three words... Cat, Dog, and Bird. I'm not sure which one this is!

* * *