Unpredictabox - Sadly, this little gizmo ceased to produce sound and I dismantled it. This uses a Happy Meal Aibo circuit, and was the second thing I ever bent. It was housed in a soap-box, and was a very simple build.

Its battery had run down when I found it, and it was making weird low-pitched growling noises. My intention was to wire-in a permanent bad-battery simulator, by fitting a potentiometer Between the circuit and the battery. Somewhere during the fitting of this and the output jack, the circuit was damaged (probably by heat from the soldering iron), and the sounds it made became unpredictable. It would produce high-pitched whines, weird wiggly blips, the original barking sound trapped under a layer of tinny distortion, and sometimes no sound at all!

- Pitch knob (5k Potentiometer).
- 1/8" line-out jack. For recording the instrument.

Sound clips:

Woof The doggy's in there somewhere...
Scream Digital screams.
Crazy talk Whatchoo talkin' bout, Willis?

* * *