Wiggle Bar

Wiggle Bar - Found at a jumble sale, this measly three-button sound-maker used to be part of a Winnie The Pooh book. It plays melodies and sound fx.

- Sludge button. This somehow slows down the sample into a sort of thick sludgy mess. You can press it several times to cut between the sludge and the normal sound, to hilarious effect. It also has a tendency to send the wiggle bar into a spazz, spewing out prolonged motorbike noises and chopped up bits of the original sounds.
- Reset switch. In case you want to shut it up.

As an added bonus, this thing sounds pretty funky if you wiggle it about to muck with the envelope. Aside from that, it's a pretty basic little gizmo; good for gags.

Sound clips:

Button 1 The raw sound of button 1.
Button 2 The raw sound of button 2.
Button 3 The raw sound of button 3.
Button 1 warp Button 1 with some wiggle on it.
Button 2 warp The bee has something in his bonnet.
Button 3 warp Cartoony fun with button 3.
Spazz 1 What goes on here?
Spazz 2 A coughing bee.

* * *