Radioatomic cover art

1. March Of The Rads3:32
2. Electro Magnetic 4:50
3. Isotopes For All - Part 1 4:32
4. U235 6:37
5. Isotopes For All - Part 2 5:33
6. 96.1MHz 2:48
7. Half Life 6:43
8. Global Warning 1:38
9. Nibiru 4:39
10. Radium Smile 5:23
11. Reactor Four 7:29
12. Atomic City 4:27
13. Cathode Ray 3:56
14. Fukushima Fifty 6:12
15. 96.2 MHz 1:45
16. A Robot In Every Home 8:38

Released October 2014.

Bandcamp player:

Seventy-nine minutes of electropop, experimental pieces and 'atmospheres' inspired by radioactivity and the Atomic Age.

"Hello friends! Professor Atom here. Let me take you on a journey through the radioactive wasteland. Awaken your nerve centres with danceable electromagnetic frequencies from the future. 1975, to be exact. I'll enlighten you to the many practical uses for isotopes, and play you a phonograph record of the frenetic sounds produced by uranium 235. We'll take a look at the many benefits of atomic energy, and also the dangers. For with every advancement there are bound to be a few pesky side effects. Tap your foot while the half-life ticks down, or spend a few minutes in front of our new cathode-ray set. I'm sure it's perfectly safe!

"Let me show you the many wonders of the Atomic Age! In the vastness of the Sellafield complex, a criticality alarm sounds constantly to let us know we're still safe. Elsewhere, the Atomic City is a desirable location to raise a family ... just pay no mind to the radiation detection shacks. The young ladies out there might seek employment at the Radium Dial: painted dials and painted smiles. Your skin will just glow, girls! Short of another meltdown, we can all look forward to owning our very own robot butlers. Make atomic power your power. For a shinier, better tomorrow: Radioatomic."

Radioatomic Digital Booklet (.pdf)

All art, text, music is copyright (c) 2014 Joshua M. Blanc.