For All Ages

Collected here are stories I've had published on the web. The ones in this section are suitable for all age groups.

"Sensible Child"
in Glutonlumps' Chilling Tales issue 2
PDF download. A melancholy gothic-horror tale with a humorous edge. Young Melissa DeGrange is in for a surprise when she sneaks into the creepy grounds of her eccentric uncle's country house...
2007 "The Curse Of The Polar Icecream Vendor" (originally published by Static Movement) The purchase of a simple icecream gets 15 year-old Doreen mixed-up with a bizarre curse...
2007 "The Hidden Path" (originally published by Static Movement) Have you ever wanted to stray from the well-trodden path? This might make you think again.
2006 "The Seeing Staircase" Third in the Time Peeler series, in which the true identity of Time Peeler is revealed. The end? We shall see...
2006 "Things Remember" Second in the Time Peeler series. The further adventures of Lillian and her mysterious friend.
2006 "Time Peeler" The first (and briefest) of a trilogy of tales about Time Peeler and the girl through which the mysterious entity operates. I get a bit serious here.
2006 "The Culgorney Devil And Its Pursuer" A bit of dark whimsy about a destructive spirit and the eccentric ghost-chaser out to stop it.
2006 "Jutzi Coblentz, Amish Time-Traveller" An Amish inventor discovers time travel. Hilarity ensues. Submitted to a `stories about time-travel' contest, it tied for fourth in the Editors' Choice category.
2005 "Sprig" Early morning, lack of coffee, strange noises in the back yard...
2005 "Deepest Impressions"
(originally published by
A mysterious painter with an uncanny ability.


All stories are Copyright (c) their respective dates by Joshua M. Blanc.