Pronunciation Guide

Throughout The Crystal Goblin, you will encounter various fanciful words and names. This alphabetical guide shall attempt to convey their pronunciation.

Syllables in italics denote emphasis.

Aether: ee-thur.

Agnor: ag-nor.

Allstaff: awl-staff.
Note: "staff" has a long "a" sound.

Ballista: buh-list-uh.

Ballistae: buh-list-ee.

Borwood: bor-wood.

Calenthrush: kay-len-thrush.

Davina: duh-vee-nuh.

Delthane: dell-thain.

Faarenmul: far-en-mool.

Faerie: fair-ee.
Note: I use the Middle English spelling, but pronounce it the same as the modern "fairy." It may also be pronounced "fey-ree."

Faire-Bonwyn: fair-bon-win.

Fildar: fill-dar.

Fnorr: fnor.

Gwyn-Elm: gwin-elm.

Gwyneth: gwin-eth.

Gnome Agaric: nohm uh-gar-ik.

Gnorr: nor.

Halfire: hal-fire.

Heliotrope: hee-lee-uh-trope.

Jandor: jan-dor.

Kal-yras: kahl-ee-rass.

Keelos: kee-loss.

Lora-el-thanir: lor-uh-el-than-ear.
Note: "th" as in "thin," not the more heavily-stressed "than."

Lothus: low-thuss.
Note: "th" as in "thin," not the more heavily-stressed "thus."

Lowell: low-ul.

Mia-lyn: mee-uh-linn.

Muriel: mew-ree-ul.

Phineas: fin-ee-us.

Purslane: purr-slain.
Note: The true pronunciation is "purrs-lin," but I prefer the long "a" sound for the name of this character (I'm sure he does, as well).

Pwng: pwing.

Rathmore: rath-mor.
Note: "Rath" has a short "a" sound, as in "rat."

Runkthussle: runk-thuss-el.
Note: "th" as in "thin," not the more heavily-stressed "thus."

Silliput: sill-ih-put.
Note: "put" to rhyme with "foot."

Sylvy-wen: sill-vee-wen.

Talia: tahl-yuh.

Type-writter: type ritt-er.

Ulthule: ull-thool.

Varlen: var-len.

Viola: vi-oh-la.

Wyndleblut: wind-el-blutt.

Wyvern: why-vern.

Zephryn: zeff-rin.

Zigpwt: zig-pwut.
Note: "ut" as in "put" or "foot".

Zonya: zon-yuh.

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