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The moment you read the preface to this book you know you have found something special. Whether you accidentally stumbled upon it, or it was suggested reading, you know from that very first page, you are on to a winner. There is a delicious sense of timelessness in these tales. This book also has an extremely clever, and oft times subtle, droll wit embedded in it - and will surely make you smile. I guarantee, after reading these tales, the next time you find yourself in a garden, or in the midst of scenic countryside you will second guess the creatures you see stirring.... Those ones that catch the corner of your eye but as you turn they are gone. Was it a rabbit? Maybe a squirrel? Or perhaps, just perhaps, a magical elf.

This book is for all ages - as long as you have not forgotten how to dream and accept, unquestionably, the possibility that magic may very well exist.

-P.S. Gifford, Author, Newport, USA.

The Crystal Goblin is an adventure not to be passed up. Josh uses gentle humor and vibrant imagery to create a masterpiece filled with many hidden treasures. Following the characters down their paths via the words from such a magic inkwell allows a soft place for young and old to lift from - almost like drinking a cup of sunshine that forces a grin upon the face. People are still wondering what secret I know; it is most certainly the tale of The Crystal Goblin.

-Cecilia De Groot, Designer/Creator: Enchained Chainmaille Creations, Vancouver, Canada.

Your book is becoming more and more interesting. We're about at the half way point and hooked. Your imagination and the way you weave it is amazing. Your vocabulary provides so many meanings, TNT!

-Jay Lee, P-38s: Sci-Fi Jazz, Tucson, USA.

I have to say that the book looks superb, mate. Really professional. The cover photo is perfect and I love all of the illustrations. You've really done a brilliant job here, Josh. Thank you so much for the thank you's. You are too kind. And Alice was thrilled to see that she was in the dedication. I really look forward to reading these again and reading the last one, which is new to me.

-Steve Wilkins, LV426 Music, Hastings, UK.

I feel truly honoured to be named in a book, that I enjoyed so much. And I read every single one of the drafts of the Troll stories. I loved em in a big way. The book looks superb too. Am thrilled to bits to have gotten a first print run edition. Can't wait to read the new bits.

-Stevie K. Farnaby, Producer of Audio Drama: Brokensea Audio Productions, Billingham, UK.

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