In the spirit of networking, here are links to some good friends of mine in the world of writing, photography and podcasting.

Websites by me

Dark Alien Light
My Gary Numan fan site (hardly ever updated, these days...).

Synthspotter Blog
A blog about music made with synthesizers, with reviews, album features, and youtube clips.

Fan Base Alpha
The brainchild of myself and two friends -- a forum devoted to cult media of any kind.

Sacrifice Group
A friendly forum for Gary Numan fans, which I co-run.

CS Synths
A forum devoted to the Yamaha CS-Series synthesizers.

Friends & Affliates

P.S. Gifford writes horror for adults and younger readers. He has several short-story compilations published, and a gazillion stories on his website as well.

SKiFfle: Electric Grasshopper @
Free audio-dowload by audio-production maestro "SKiFfle." He has many other productions on as well, so check them out!

LV426 on SoundCloud
My good friend and sometimes collaborative partner, LV426.

Disco Antenna on Bandcamp
This is a disco project I'm involved with. I heartily recommend checking them out!

Kohlieo on Flickr
Kohlieo took some promo shots of The Manitou. Check out his Flickr page for some tres cool portraits and nature photos.


These sites have all published my stories at one time or another. Parental Guidance suggested.

Bewildering Stories
Speculative fiction. I entered one of their contests (didn't do too badly, either).

Cautionary Tale
Tales of a cautionary nature is the theme here.

Glutonlumps' Chlling Tales
Horror stories told in the old style, when horror frightened without drenching you in buckets of gore.

Silverthought Online
Speculative fiction, from horror to sci-fi and things in-between. Some of my serious-minded (and some not-so-serious) stories appear in the archive.

The Weirdcrap!
The name says it all! The Weirdcrap has long been home to my "Mr. Sockforahead" series. If you like stories that are really out there (and I mean, really) then you'll love this site.