Welcome to The Manitou's Lair.
This website is devoted to the creative works of Joshua Blanc and his alter-ego The Manitou.

Joshua is author of the book Tales of Elves and Trolls: The Crystal Goblin.
As well as information on the book, you'll also find:
Links to published Short stories.
Nature photography.
Crazy Guy's Diary.
The fabled Weirdshots Archive.
And links to The Manitou's music on Bandcamp, YouTube, and SoundCloud.


For the latest news about my work, please visit my blog: Manitou Productions


Tales of Elves and Trolls All about the book. Includes excerpts, ordering info, and more.
Short Stories My published short stories.
Crazy Guy's Diary The semi-fictional exploits of a fellow who isn't quite all there.
DeviantArt My nature photographs on DeviantArt.
Weird Shots An expanding collection of weird photos taken by myself and visitors to the Lair.
Bandcamp The Manitou's Bandcamp page - preview and download music.
YouTube The Manitou's YouTube channel - music videos.
SoundCloud The Manitou's SoundCloud page, stream songs for free.
Studio Information about The Manitou's studio equipment..
Manitou Productions Blog My blog devoted to The Manitou's releases and audio production in general.
Bio About me.
Links Links to fellow authors, photographers, producers on the web.


Goodreads Blog My blog on Goodreads.com - news about my published works and the occasional book review.
Synthspotter My blog about music made with synthesizers.
Dark Alien Light My Gary Numan Fan Site
Sacrifice The Sacrifice Group - a Gary Numan forum - I'm a moderator here.
Fan Base Alpha Fan Base Alpha - the cult entertainment forum - I run this with a couple of friends.
CS Synths My yahoo group for fans and owners of the Yamaha CS range of synthesizers.


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