Silly Shorts Archive

These largely nonsensical examples of flash-fiction were written as exercises, generally in one sitting, and date back to the 90's. A few such "sketches" from that time have been reworked into more coherent stories. The ones published here are likely to remain as-is.

"On The Spot Orchestra" Meet Gim Gibbly, who bravely risks life and limb to provide a score to the nightly news.
"Organ Grinder" Times are tough for organ-grinder Pasquale Serdivici.
"Jelly Trekkin'" The Old West was never sillier.
"Fart Auction" Come on down and put in a bid! A finer day out there has never been. (WARNING: toilet humour).
"Sandwichmaker Of The North" What do you do when you've got a sasquatch on your tail, and you have a sled-load of sandwich-fixin's to deliver?
"Hotel Nowhere" What do you do when you're stranded in the woods? Look for the nearest hotel, of course.
"Promised Land" A man with two swine badly needs transportation. What did you expect? It's silly.
"Voyage Of The Scunge Scavenger Part 2" What will become of the Scunge Scavenger in the sewers?
"Voyage Of The Scunge Scavenger Part 1" The dishwater is nothing but murk, will the crew of the Scunge Scavenger make it to the bottom of the sink?
"Fantabulous Fondue Fluffup" Where did Zigwop's fondue spoon go? And who is that mysterious duck?
"Sportsocks" Come on down to the parking lot and watch the Socky game! (WARNING: mild toilet humour).
"Food Guy" The tastiest Superhero that ever lived.
"Bollong's Beanbag" The Uglumps have captured Bollong's Beanbag. What will he do?
"Watching The Wonods" Wonod watchers, grab your gear and go in search of these elusive creatures! (WARNING: profanity, mild gore).
"King of the Door-To-Door Salesmen" Meet the man who can sell you anything.

All stories are Copyright (c) Joshua M. Blanc.